Friday, February 15, 2008


Unlike the pioneers of old, we did not have to blaze a trail to our delivery destination, but I couldn't help but think about what they must have thought when coming upon this beautiful area. On Interstate 5, from Redding to Portland, there is green every where. When passing Lake Shasta you get to see just how low the water is from past years, but the water is just a blue as ever. The area had changed a bit from when we were just here a little over a week ago, as most of the snow had melted, and the roads where clean and dry.

Mount Shasta was still looking as regal as ever. Craig and I always comment when driving by it, how we remember as kids drinking Shasta sodas and how the mountain looks exactly like the image on the soda cans. For those of you who read this blog and live on the east coast, was Shasta soda available where you live?

We made it as far as Rice Hill, OR before stopping for the night. That left us a little under 180 miles to our delivery this morning. We decided to sleep in past our normal 4am or 5am wake up time, and left after breakfast around 6:30am. With the directions I had obtained from the consignee the day before, we had no problem finding the machine shop and found out what we were hauling was some type of milling machine.

They carefully went about lifting it off the trailer with two forklifts, just high enough so that Craig could pull the trailer out from under it. Then we went to work folding up the tarp and putting away the straps and chains.

As soon as we put in our empty call we were dispatched to go to Visalia, CA, which would have us retrace our route right back the way we came. We are picking up a Sea Ray boat that needs to go back to the plant in Vonore, Tennessee. But, like we have found out all too many times this winter, the boat dealer in Visalia is operating under winter hours, which means they are closed, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. That leaves us with almost 4 days to drive 800 miles. Oh well........ we'll have plenty of time to blaze our own trail and take in the beautiful scenery this time of year.


John said...

I remember drinking Shasta soda and I grew up mostly around the east coast but I don't remember a picture of a mountain on the can. I just may not be that observant though.

Jennie said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting today! Nice surprise and encouragement too. Your blog/retirement looks like a lot of fun. I too remember Shasta, but not the mountain.

Mom said...

I think Shasta is bi-coastal

Just me-Jerri said...

I grew up in NJ in the 70's but that was the time of glass bottles and then we moved on to Indiana at which time the change to cans was eventually made. I remember having Shasta as a drink of choice when visiting NJ at my Aunt's house. Especially in the late 80's when we returned for visits there. I do believe I remember the etch on the can of the mountain but never associated it with a real mountain somewhere.........that is a cool piece of trivia to store away. Thanks for the info. Happy Traveling and congratulations on your extra money in pocket from your sidetrip!


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