Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Since being back out on the truck, and traveling Highway 97 near the town of Shaniko, I always think about the "Shoe Tree".  I wrote about it previously here and here.  It was a sad day indeed when I saw that it had been intentionally burned down, but much to my delight, a new "Shoe Tree" has been found. 
It is located in the same general area as the original tree, but on the other side of the highway and by a large turnout area, so it is easy to stop to take a closer look at it and take some pictures.  I wasn't quite ready to part with my summer flip flops yet, or they would have found themselves joining the other foot attire that was dangling from the branches.
I really hope that this new tree catches on and that it will soon have as many shoes, boots, sneakers, and flip flops as the original tree had.  I'll be happy to check out it's growth each and every time we travel near Shaniko, OR.
And to those party poopers who burned down the original shoe tree?  Well, let's just hope they stay away from this one.  I'd love to see it grow and get fat with shoes for many years to come.


all things bradbury said...

so happy to hear this!!...we always enjoyed the shoe tree and were so saddened to hear that someone had been so cruel to it....glad to know another has bloomed!!

Anonymous said...

There was tree in the Horseshoe ferry in terminal in Vancouver that had beer cans hanging from it for years but sadly the corp. removed the cans


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