Saturday, November 17, 2012


I've been noticing the fall colors a lot recently, since we headed back north after receiving a load of bananas in San Diego on Wednesday.  The Interstate 5 drive is one of the most scenic once you hit Redding and continue north.  We've had great weather so far, and I finally pulled out a sweatshirt the other day while in Aurora when the temperature dropped down enough for me to see my breath when walking.
We delivered the bananas to the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, and were immediately sent when empty to Boardman, OR to pick up a load of frozen veggies.  Can only imagine that they are needed for all of those Thankgsgiving feasts that will be consumed on Thursday.  Craig and I are trying to figure out where we might be on Thursday to have a nice meal and count our many blessings and give thanks.
We deliver the frozen veggie in Ontario, CA Monday morning.  With Craig's diminishing driving hours, we ended up with only 5 hours we could drive today.  We all know what that means for the next couple of days, when he starts regenerating hours........the dreaded night driving........but thankfully, it will only be two days starting out at 2am Sunday, and then 1am Monday in order to make the delivery on time.
With starting so early Monday morning, we are pretty confident we will be relaxing in the Company yard in Bloomington, CA the rest of the day after our delivery.  That will give us an opportunity to do some laundry and catch up on some rest.  Can't wait to know what our next assignment will be.


Dani.Vancouver said...

Beautiful fall photos. Thanks for sharing! :)

Have a good week,

Cheers from Vancouver!


june in florida said...

Great pics, i miss that in Florida.Wherever you are have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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