Sunday, November 25, 2012


It's not often we get routed off our usual Interstate 5 / Highway 97 corridor, but that is exactly what happened yesterday.  We had picked up a load of Tyson Meat in Wallula, WA after we dropped the bananas in Auburn at the Safeway DC.  Looking at what hours Craig had available on is 70 hour clock, we knew we would not be able to make the delivery in Riverside at 0300 on Monday morning.  After advising dispatch of the situation, we took off south to await to hear what the plan for a swap would be.
A few hours into our drive and we were beeped with a message to swap trailers in Chemult, OR and take a load of bananas to Puyallup, WA.  With a delivery at 0500 Monday morning, and only 355 miles to drive, it fit in perfectly with the driving hours Craig had, leaving 90 minutes left to spare.  It also gave us the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful drive along the scenic Williamette Highway, also known as State Route 58.
It had been quite awhile since we have been on on this highway, and it didn't take long to start enjoying it's beauty.  The fall foliage was on display, along with many rivers, streams, waterfalls, and lakes.  Of course there is never an opportunity to pull a big rig over for a photo shoot when inspiration hits, so I did the best that I could from the front seat of the truck.
All too soon, the 87 mile connecting highway between Hwy 97 and Interstate 5 was traveled, and we drove onto the Interstate and left one of the most beautiful drives  in Oregon behind us.


june in florida said...

Awesome i saved the last one, it could win a contest.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics.

all things bradbury said...

it IS beautiful....i don't think we've ever been that way....thanks for sharing!...and you do extremely well shootin from the passenger


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