Thursday, November 22, 2012


Thanksgiving......I fear this holiday has lost it's true meaning to far too many people these days.  Instead of taking a day to enjoy family and be thankful for our many blessings, it has become the day to start camping out to get "Black Friday" specials for Christmas.  I couldn't believe I saw my first Christmas commercial on TV before Halloween!

This year, as has been the case since 2006, Craig and I will be enjoying a nice relaxing day together in the truck, traveling up Interstate 5 to stage for our delivery in Auburn, WA Friday morning.  We will take time out during the day to stop and enjoy a hot meal, along with so many other people working and/or traveling today. 

We will also be counting our blessings and giving thanks, for being able to live in the greatest Country in the world, have the freedom to choose the lifestyle we want to live, and having the opportunity to be together and create memories that are far more valuable than any "Black Friday" special that is being offered.

Where ever you find yourselves today, both Craig and I hope you are enjoy this day for what it truly is, with family and/or friends, with a hot meal, with giving thanks for all you do have, and that you leave room for that second piece of pie!

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