Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As we suspected, when we were first given our dispatch, we knew the Ralph's load was going to be interesting.  What we didn't know was that when we arrived at Tyson, the powers that be added an additional stop in San Diego.  By the time the load was ready, at 5am Saturday morning, we were already behind the eight ball to even be able to complete this load.  We had 1300 miles to our first drop in San Diego at 7am Monday, and 3 more stops that day ending at Ralph's at 7pm.  The math did not compute and we advised dispatch of the situation.

But, the mantra has always been, make your first stop on time and the rest will have to be worked out.  By doing two full eleven driving days, by getting up at 2am, we made our first delivery in San Diego, but by not getting unloaded until almost 9am, that put us behind for our second drop in Los Angeles. Thankfully, it was a holiday, and traffic was much lighter than normal, and we were only an hour late. 

Problem was, it was a holiday,  and they wanted to close by 11am and not pay their employees more overtime more necessary.  Enter Tyson customer service, who convinced them to take our delivery, which was only 2 pallets, that they off loaded right off the end of the truck without so much as backing into a dock.  Sweet......and we were now an hour to the good for our third appointment which went off without any glitches what so ever.

So now we sit at 2pm, with 2 hours left on Craig's 14 hour clock, and the dreaded Ralph's load still in the back of our trailer with a 7pm appointment.  A call into Dispatch was made to see what plans they had in mind, to which we were told they were calling Ralph's to see if they would take the load early.  Both Craig and I knew that was a waste of time, but we waited for the phone call back and were happy to hear the news that we could go to the Company yard in Bloomington and drop the trailer.  They would have one of the local guys make the final delivery on our load and we could finally get a full nights sleep!

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