Friday, May 20, 2011


Cori and I have been so very busy lately trying to finish up projects to take to Farm Chicks Antique Show in two weeks.  Our storage area at the Consignment Store is almost at over flowing and we are questioning what size U-Haul truck to use to take it all to Spokane.  Having never been involved in any show, let alone one the size of Farm Chicks with thousands of people coming from all over the State and surrounding area, if we let ourselves, it can get a bit over whelming.
We want to be able to showcase our dress forms in our small 10x10 space, and have settled on having three different types of dress forms there, along with order forms for custom orders.  Our latest design has us using a new form called a wasp waist.  It is a throw back to a more vintage looking dress form and we decided to design it with that in mind.
We went back to using vintage sheet music, and chose the portrait neckline with a beautiful lace trim.  For graphics we used a "bee" theme and named her Queen Bee, also known as Beatrice.  For an added little bit of fun, we designed a faux corset closing in the small of the back using different sizes of buttons, burlap webbing, and a tea stained linen ruffle.
We are so excited to offer this new dress form style to our future customers and hope that they fall in love with her as much as we have.

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Barb said...

It's beautiful! I am sure you will do very well selling all your goods at the Farm Chicks here in Spokane. I hope to see you there.


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