Thursday, May 26, 2011


One week from today, hoping the backs of four people in their 50's hold out, we will be packing a 26 foot U-haul truck and heading to Spokane, WA for the Farm Chicks Antique Show. This truly has been a work in progress for the past 6 months, since we first sent in our application to be vendors, never thinking that we would be accepted to join the talented people that put on this show every year.

I'm not sure if you can ever be totally prepared for a show like this, especially on your first show, but Cori and I have checked our list, crossed off the many projects we had to complete, and with only a list of tools and equipment left to pack away to take with us, I do believe we are ready to throw caution to the wind, jump in with both feet, hope for the best, and most of all ENJOY the experience.

With Cori away in California until Monday afternoon, I've had the garage to myself, music cranked up, and in search of making something out of nothing. Yesterday, I found an old board which I managed to bust in two separate pieces. The largest of the two, I dry brushed with some red and black paint on it and then painted "boulangerie" on it. A little waxing and distressing and I quite like the way it turned out. The smaller of the two pieces was dry brushed with some blue and black, and "Paris" was painted on it.

With those two pieces done, I found a couple of more odds and ends of wood lying in our wood pile, and decided to stay on my roll of making signs and produced another "Paris" and another with a graphic design along with a "1902" and some lettering across the top. Both pieces of wood had holes near the top, so I put in some antique bronze screws, fastened some wire around them, and then using a grinder, ground down the screw to a flat end.

But the one item that was really a transformation was the little blue table. It was a Church Sale find this past Tuesday. An obviously home made piece, but with a throw back to the 50's with a Formica top and the silver trim around it. I painted with the last remaining bits of grey and blue Anne Sloan Chalk Paint. I added the wreath stencil around the handle and thought it could use a strip to give it a more angular line with all the curved edges. After a little distressing and waxing, I think it turned out pretty good, and that's what I'm hoping our Farm Chicks experience will be....pretty darn good!

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Cori said...


The signs look GREAT! Loving the little table in the blue chalk paint. You've been busy!

Adding it all to the "pile"! It keeps growing : )



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