Friday, January 25, 2008


Here is a picture of our last load which we delivered to Sachse, Texas. The owner of the dealership was the nicest guy. Just starting his business and so excited to get these boats just in time for the big boat show they are having in Dallas. It's also nice to know that southern men are gentlemen and chivalry is not dead. Every time I went to help Craig take down some of the steel, one of the workers would jump right up and take it from my hands. I was able to play the sweet southern belle and sit back and watch as the men did the work.

So we are trying to get some home time, but the only thing they had going out of Texas was for us to drive to Pharr, pick up six boats, and head north to Prince George, Canada. We have never been that far up north in British Columbia so we will see some new country. The plan is after we unload to send us to Washington to pick up a Genie to take somewhere in California.

After the unload yesterday afternoon, we headed down to Waco for our fuel stop. We were hoping to stay there for the night, but at 5pm, every space in the parking lot of the truck stop was filled. We expect that on the east coast, but have never had a problem in Texas, so after fueling up, we headed down the road just about 10 miles. There we found a little gas station/store, with a large empty lot, except for about 3 trucks. The name of the place was Smile's Gas, and yes, we were smiling when we pulled in and knew we had a spot to stay for the night.


John said...

THAT'S why I want to go back to Texas. Gotta Love It. Keep it safe.

Anonymous said...

Snow in the forcast for southern BC this weekend. parts of PG are flooded with the Neckco river frozen over and a ice dam. The drive up throgh the frazer canyon is nice but windy Take your time and be safe. PS When you get in to town watch out for MR PG


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