Saturday, September 22, 2012


Cori and I did a little intel at the "Junk Barn Sale" in Stanfield, OR Friday morning.  Little did we know what an ordeal it would be to get there.  It was approximately a 90 minute drive, which included after taking the exit off the Interstate, a five mile drive on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere.  Dodging large farm equipment, semi trucks, and the suped up pickups the cowboy were flying down the gravel road in, we finally creapt up over the last hill to finally see our oasis.
With not another home, barn, or out house within eye distance, we came upon a beautiful farm with a large cow paddy filled field to park in, which made walking in flip flops almost as exciting a seeing what was for sale.  There were approximately 30 venders all set up with their booths as we made our way to each and every one. 
With us putting on our own sale next weekend,  we figured if people will drive out in the boonies for a barn sale, surely, they will venture outside of town and up a hill for our cottage sale.  We loved how they had their refreshment table set up, and the layout of the grounds.  We will be incorporating a few of their great ideas into our own event as well.
Now any great junk/vintage sale would not be complete unless you find a perfect, unique, industrial item for one of the rooms you are fixing up, and I found it!  Take a look at this piece.  I have never seen anything like it, but fell in love with it when I first eyed it.  It will be the perfect piece to complete the guest room redo in our loft, and I'll be happy to share photos once I get home.
Cori and I are energized to take on the next 6 days and make our "Cottage on the Hill" sale a great success!


all things bradbury said...

shame on you girls for going without me!!! was in stanfield last weekend...too bad it wasn't going on then!!...looks like my kinda place....i am so envious!...

all things bradbury said...

ps...can't wait to see what you do with the ballot box!


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