Monday, September 10, 2012


As Craig and I count down the days now until I am back on the truck, I've been keeping myself busy at home getting ready for the first ever "Cottage on the Hill" sale.  This has been a an idea that Cori and I have tossed around over the past couple of years, and by golly, this year we are making it happen.  We also have four other talented women that will be joining us on this endeavor.  We are truly excited to be putting on this event, and hope that it turns into an annual event to be held in Walla Walla.
On the trucking side of the news, Craig and his team driver Justine, continue to make the trek up and down Interstate 5 from Washington to California, and often into Arizona.  Upon Craig's return to the yard after his last home time, he was assigned yet another new truck.  This will be his third brand new truck in less than 2 years.  With the amount of miles they were putting on the truck with the new Paccar engine, the warranty was going to run out long before the company wanted it to.

So we said goodbye to truck 350, and welcomed truck 393 into our lives.  I'm hoping that when Craig does go back to solo driving in December, that he will be able to keep this truck.  Craig does tell me that the ride is much smoother with the new truck, as he finds that he doesn't get tossed around as much in this truck going down I5 in California as he did in the old truck.

So that about brings us up to date on the happenings around here, in under 90 days I should be back on the truck, occupying the passenger seat again, and reporting from the road with lots of pictures.  Until then, I'm sure to find a few things to post about around home and during Craig's home times.


Anonymous said...

What kind of truck was 350? The KW T660 with the Paccar engine?

What kind of truck is 393? What makes it ride smoother?

DIANE said...

Yes, 350 was the Kenworth T660 with the Paccar engine.

393 is still a Kenworth, but with the Cummings engine. We're not sure is the suspensions are different, due to the engines, but 393 does ride a lot smoother.

Justin, Craig's team driver, had hitched a ride on a new Kenworth with the Cummings engine, and had mentioned to Craig when they met up about it being so much smoother.

Other than that, they are exactly alike inside and outside.

Pat said...

Good luck with the Cottage on the Hill event. I think that's a great idea. Can't wait to get you back on the truck. I just read a book about trucking. It was a horror story. He was with a large truck firm based out of Phoenix that treated their drivers like 'disposable diapers'. Sounds like Swift, but he used the fictitious name of LandHaul. It's called "In the Driver's Seat" by Marc Mayfield. I have it on kindle ebook, if you want to borrow it.


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