Sunday, September 30, 2012


The first ever "Cottage on the Hill" Sale is over, and I can pretty much guarantee that this sale will be an annual event the last weekend of September for many years to come.  Cori and I have dreamed of pulling off an event such as this for a few years, and after being vendors at the huge "Farm Chicks" show in Spokane last year,  we felt we had just enough experience, and more than enough creativity and energy to put on a sale at her Cottage.

We didn't do it alone by any means, although at times we felt like we were climbing Mt. Everest with a 100 pound pack on our backs.  Cori's husband Mike was right there along with us, busy in the garage the past couple of months, but even more so that last two weeks, when I arrived in Walla Walla ready to get my hands dirty.  Not only did I get my hands dirty, but there probably wasn't too many spots on my body that didn't have paint, stain, or an ache or pain at some point, and you know what?  At the end of the day yesterday, when the signs were taken down, those aches and pains, and stains were just a hazy memory.

From the first customer who showed up and immediately wanted sold tags put on a few pieces, to the women and men who gave us many compliments on our products, how reasonable our prices were and what a beautiful layout of items we had displayed, we can't thank you enough. Your comments recharged our souls and spirits and has inspired us to make next years event even better.

We had three other vendors who shared this experience with us and we can't be remiss in thanking them for taking the plunge with us and to be in on the building process of something we hope will be a major event in the area that will be a "must go to" on their calendar every year.  We are looking forward to adding at least 10 more vendors to share in the experience with us next year.

Finally, I think the image that will stay with me forever, was the cute young couple that ventured up the hill to the sale, long after the sale was over, and while we were enjoying a victory dinner al fresco at a table on the lawn as the full moon was rising in the sky.  We all happened to look their way as they paused from looking at what meager items we had left, turned towards the beautiful night sky illuminated by the glowing moon, and wrapped their arms around each other and just took it all in. 

That about summed up how we all felt at that moment, hoping to forever remember just how great it felt to pull off something wonderful, meet so many great and interesting people who have the same passion as we do, and know in our hearts that we will never forget just how blessed we are to have the opportunity to truly do what we love.


Pat said...

Hey congratulations. It's a great feeling when you work hard at something and pull it off so well.

Cori said...

We sure did DO IT! Once again we made a great team and with the help with a few of our friends, we marked another milestone in our friendship and our passion for creativity. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to this wonderful event. I am looking so forward to next year and expanding to include even more creativity.

I'm SO PROUD of us!


Marlee said...

Amazing event truly so glad the girls had me tag along can't wait for next year

The Daily Rant said...

Man, this stuff is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations on a successful event!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pieces looks the weather was also great.

all things bradbury said...

looks like an awesome event!...i knew you guys could pull this off!! proud of you...& sooooo jealous that i missed it!;)


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