Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've seen silverware wind chimes out in Blog land for some time now, and have always filed that idea into the back of my brain with all the other ideas that have yet to be created.  But when I was at a recent yard sale, and had the opportunity to purchase some old vintage silverware, I knew that the wind chime idea was going to become a reality.

 With some wire, beads, and my handy needle nose pliers I went to work.  First I had to charge up the trusty drill and then find a drill bit to do the hard work.  I picked out six different pieces of silver and when the drill was charged up, I went to town drilling my holes.

Then it was just putting all the pieces together.   I didn't have anything lying around that I could use for a center piece, so I just used one of the forks and bent the tines to use as the base for all the other pieces.  About an hour later, I had it assembled and was very happy with my first attempt.  I know now to be on the lookout for something unique to use as a center piece, and then there will be no stopping my imagination on creating some future chimes.


Cori said...

I am loving this project! So cute! I also got to see the pics from your fun day yesterday. How I wish I had been there to share the day with you. Can't wait for our fun trip to Farm Chicks in a few weeks.

I'm also so happy about your new passion for gardening. It's so rewarding.

love you!


Anonymous said...

No updates for over a week then 2 in two days Holy Moly

all things bradbury said...

love, love, love this!...i have a set from a local craft show that i've had for time i'm home, i'll take a pic and send you just in case you're needing more inspiration by

Marty said...

It's great to see nee ideas. Just read an article on the Stained Glass Lady who creates chimes out of stained glass. I am new to blogging
it is grate to be able to write about something you are interested in.
Thank You
Marty and Rich Childers


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