Monday, May 28, 2012


The first thing Cori and I did when I arrived in Walla Walla for my visit was to hit the yard sales on Friday morning.  She really didn't need any more furniture to repurpose, but when the girls feel like shopping some yard sales, buying furniture, needed or not, was the the order of business for the day.

We hit a rather large yard sale on our first stop, and found the prices to be a bit high for our liking, but when I spied a large box of license plates, I nearly shrieked with joy.  In fact, both Cori and I had to almost fight another shopper over the rights to these treasures.  I politely told the other buyer that we were taking all of them.  Yep, there was over 50 license plates, and they were only asking $1 a piece for them.  Even better?  We got them all for only $40.
Cori managed to purchase quite a bit of furniture, and at one of our last stops, the sellers were more than will to part with a few last remaining pieces, which included three of these glass top side tables.  Right away we knew what we wanted to do with them and asked if they would take a reduced price offer if we took all three.  With a price agreed upon, we made what little room we have left in the vehicle and packed them in.
Once home, Cori's husband cut us a piece of plywood to cover the opening where the glass once resided, and we went to town painting them.  With a little graphite gray chalk paint, and then some clear and dark brown wax, we then covered the top of the side table with some license plates.  This was definitely one quick and easy redo of a side table that had been lost in the 90's.


Anonymous said...

very nice table

all things bradbury said...

those tables are adorable!

Mom said...

I am always amazed at your imagination and talent.


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