Saturday, May 19, 2012


Craig and Justin were in Spokane Friday morning making a delivery, when they were beeped with a message to come into the yard when empty to have the truck serviced.  Seems there was a recall that the Kenworth Dealership needed to complete on the driving suspension, and then the company shop wanted to do a service on the APU.  When Craig called me with these developing details, I hopped into our pickup and made my way into Spokane to meet up with him.

We ended up following Justin in the truck to the dealership, where they said it would only take about 30 minutes to do what they needed to do.  We took that opportunity to hit Craig's favorite Chinese buffet and enjoy a nice lunch.  Then it was back to Kenworth to drop Justin off to take the truck back to the company shop, while Craig and I took in an afternoon viewing of the movie Battleship.  We both couldn't remember the last time we had seen a movie together, but thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon together.
By 6pm, Craig was dropped off at the yard and I made my trek back home to rest up for an event in the small town near us, Newport, WA for what they call "Who let the girls out?"  This morning, 7 different antique/vintage/boutique stores hosted a shopping party for all the women in town.  Honestly, I didn't think there were that many women around where we lived, but a good time was being had by all.
Each shopper was given a passport to be stamped by each store you visited.  They made sure to entice you in with lots of goodies and drinks, and when your passport was completed, you turned it in for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree.  Along with the seven different featured retailers, most every business establishment up and down main street had their doors open for business.
What was really nice, is that several diners had specials for the women including drink specials.  Nothing like a bit of alcohol to induce you to open your wallet to spend.  Later in the evening, they are offering live music and the local theater, The Roxy, will be showing  a "chick flick" just for the women.
It's really nice to live in such a small town, where they create such a fun atmosphere to have the community come together.  They do a "who let the girls out?" twice a year, and I already have my calendar marked for the next one in November.

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all things bradbury said...

what a neat idea!!...i want to come go with you!!..:)


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