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Some of you have noticed my absence in blogging world over the past month.  I've had the privilege of  taking a journey with my Mom as she traveled down her last days of living in her physical form here on Earth.  Most of us think that our parents will live forever, and the unexpected end of her life was hard to initially accept.  In the end, it was always in her hands and the loving grace of God as to when she would finally leave us.  That time came this morning as she peacefully slept at our local Hospice House.

Something moved me to go to her side at 6am, with one hand holding her hand, and the other placed softly upon her chest, I told her how much I loved her, and that she was free to go, and that I had kept my promise to never leave her alone while she awaited God's calling.  Her breathing slowed to a stop.  Her nurse was summoned, and at the moment I heard him tell me that indeed "She is gone"", there were other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout:  "Here she comes!"

Welcome to Heaven Mom and let the party up there begin as you unite with the family and friends that have been waiting with open arms for you.  My love for you is unending and you will always and forever remain in my heart.


all things bradbury said...

oh, sorry about your have been in my thoughts so much lately....having gone thru this a few years ago, i knew how special this time that you had with her would be & how hard to let her go....she was a lovely woman & i believe you favor her a great deal.....take peace in knowing she is in comfort now.....(((hugs)))

Jen said...

My prayers are with you Diane, what a beautiful passing your mom had, from one plane to another. She is truly blessed and so are you to have been with her. A parent passing on is very hard but like you had with your mom, I experienced the same kind of thing with my dad. I was sleeping in the next room and something woke me. Wide awake I went to him and knew that he had gone in that moment that woke me up. He hadn't moved or made a sound.

God is a loving Father and we know that he has taken our loved ones, who knew him, into his arms and enfolded them.

Now we look forward to the time when we can join them where He is.

Love to you. I know there will be a hole where your mom was but remember her with blessing. Praying for strength and peace as you go through the next few days and weeks.

Your sistas are here for you. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Four years ago today I lost my dad. In a very similar way. Hospice. I love you's
I wish you peace.

Williams Brother

Anonymous said...


We experienced the same as you only on the 26Sep... Mum was 65 and passed peacefully away, just liek your mum... breathing slowed until she didn't take the next breath. Was so good to be there.. you will treasure that moment and find comfort in it in the coming days.


Linda said...

May peace be with you.

Mom said...

I'm so sorry Diane.
It was good that you could be there for her transition from this life to the next, but it always hard to say good by. It hurts. Hugs and peace to you

j said...

How peaceful! Mom is on another adventure, lots of hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry to here God Bless

Txjerry2 said...

My deepest sympathies Diane and for your family. It is hard.

The Daily Rant said...

Diane...I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. RuthAnn texted me yesterday but I got so distracted I totally forgot to come over here or even Facebook you. It's so hard to lose a parent, no matter when it seems to flood you with so many emotions that it's a little overwhelming. My thoughts are with you and I hope you eventually settle into a peaceful place with your Mom's spirit all around you. Much love from us, Salena and Ed

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and loving post. How incredibly fabulous God summoned you to be with her as He welcomed her into His heaven. Praying for your peace and comfort as you start your journey learning to live this life without her physical presence.


Belledog said...

Diane: so sorry you've lost your mom, but how wonderful that you were able to be there for her, as she was for you.

Thinking of you and Craig.

Best wishes,

Cori said...

I love this picture of your Mom-I can see your beautiful face in hers.

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting your Mom, I feel as if I've known her for many years.

You devoted the last six months of your life to be by her side as she battled her illness. You were there until the very last moments--right by her side.

The gift you gave your Mom was the greatest gift--your time and your love. She will be missed as a mother, grandmother and even a great-grandmother to Gwen. What a gift it was for her to meet her great granbaby when she arrived last year.

I'm so glad she is at peace now and that you had the time to be with her...

God Bless you and your family-
Love always,

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I know how close you two were by just reading your posts over the years. Treasure all the great memories.

Roger & Shirley Ladd


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