Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I can't believe it is going to be December 1st tomorrow.  This year has just flown by so very quickly, and just like the preceding years since we started this trucking adventure, we continue to enjoy our time spent together creating memories that will last us our lifetime.  You know what else I enjoy?  The great weather we have had so far.  Even though it is still considered Fall, we have yet to experience any snowfall to speak of on our travels.  Did I just jinx us?  We'll know soon enough as as Winter officially will arrive in three weeks.

After I got back on the truck, we continued with the transformer shuffle between Oregon and California for a couple more days, and then took a relay of a USF load out of our French Camp yard headed to Tacoma, WA on Thanksgiving morning.  Without the normal time constraints on this type of load due to the holiday, (it's normally a team load), we were able to enjoy the drive north with very little traffic on the Interstate.

We passed on our meal at the Casino in Corning, CA as it was way too early in the day for a Thanksgiving feast, and opted instead to take showers and continue our way north.  By 2pm, we were more than ready to enjoy a meal, which left us with the holiday buffet at the Petro truck stop in Phoenix, OR.  I was surprised at how busy it was, not from truck drivers, but from the local residents.  It wasn't home cooking, but they had all the fixings, along with prime rib, which we both enjoyed.

I passed on any dessert, hoping to enjoy a waffle ice cream cone at our destination for the evening in Canyonville, OR where we were planning on watching the 49'er game in the driver's lounge.  How disappointing it was to find that they didn't have any flavor of ice cream that I liked, and had to settle for an ice cream bar out of the freezer and on top of that, watch as the 49'ers lost to the Ravens.

We dropped the trailer in Tacoma on Friday and then headed to the yard in Pacific to pick up an empty to take to Draper Farms in Renton, WA.  We stayed in their parking lot for our 10 hour break while the trailer was being loaded and headed out just after midnight for our run into Spokane for delivery in the morning.  As soon as we dropped that trailer and hooked up to an empty, we were dispatched to Wallula, WA to Tyson Meat for a load destined for Castroville, CA on Tuesday morning.  Yadda, Yadda, Yadda............ load delivered and here we sit in Salinas waiting for a load out of Fresh Express.

We have just about 7 days left before we are scheduled for some home time which looks like we will take in Modesto, with Craig going back out in the truck solo while I stay in town during my Mom's third round of chemo.  We're hoping to take in a movie or two, enjoy a nice dinner, and update my phone before I get back on the truck around the 17th, and we can enjoy the Christmas/New Year holidays together in our home on wheels.

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june in florida said...

Happy New Year, hope all is ok, you are missed


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