Saturday, January 21, 2012


Remember in my last post mentioning the possibility of putting on chains to get over Snoqualmie Pass?  Yep, right there I should have known I was jinxing Craig and in doing so, ended up joining the chain gang later that night.

The streets of Renton, WA were like a ghost town Wednesday night, as most people in the greater Seattle area must have headed the advice to stay home and not venture out onto the streets.  That made our trek to pick up our load that much easier.  However, with the load being over an hour late being loaded, and with the knowledge of the chain control over the pass still in effect, the 5am delivery appointment would not be made.

With enough fuel on board so that we could bypass the mess we knew that the TA in North Bend would be, we continued onto the chain up area to begin our work.  To be honest, the hardest part of it all was trying to open up the bags of the new chains that had been equipped on our new truck.  The freezing rain was pelting us along with a gusty wind, but within 40 minutes we had all the chains legally required installed and we were on our way.  At the bottom of the pass, it took all of 10 minutes to remove them.

We made the delivery at 7am and by 9am we were safely parked in the company yard in Spokane as the snow came steadily down.  Our next load assignment wouldn't have us leaving the yard until Friday morning, so we enjoyed the down time to catch up on sleep and watch as the snow piled up outside. 


june in florida said...

Glad you made it safe, i have relatives in the Reedsport North Bend area, was out there last year for a family reunion.

all things bradbury said...

brave and hardy little troopers that you are!!...brad and i are carry the chains coz we have to, but we shut down when the chain law goes up...luckily our company is ok with that....we'd been wondering about you guys after hearing about the storm...glad to know you're safe and stayin rollin!


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