Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Would you believe when we awoke in the morning it was 40 degrees?  Yea, I couldn't either.  What a strange winter this is shaping up to be.  We continued south and didn't run into snow or ice until about LaPine, OR.  We came upon a few drivers that weren't as comfortable driving on the snowy roads, and as soon as we could safely pass, we were well on the way of making it over the final summit on Hwy 97, near Chiloquin, and onto bare asphalt again.
As we neared the Mt. Shasta area, we could definitely see a difference in the landscape from the previous week.  Remember this photo of Black Butte?
Here it was as we made our way into Weed, CA where we took a nice lunch break and enjoyed a great meal at the Dos Amigos Restaurant.  Armed with plenty of leftovers to feed us for dinner, we continued south into Corning were we fueled up and called it a night.

Sunday morning we had our sights set on making it into Lebec, CA so that we could watch the playoff game between the Niners and Giants.  No surprise there, as once again the Giants took the game and will enjoy playing in the Super Bowl in two weeks.  We took to our beds to get some sleep before taking on LA in the morning for our two deliveries.

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Got to like Mt Shasta


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