Friday, January 27, 2012


I've finally reached the milestone 1000th post on my blog.  Let the confetti rain down and the band play!  I don't imagine it is such a big thing since I have been posting since 2006......and it's only taken me 6 years to do it, but God willing I'll have another 1000 in me before we finish this trucking adventure of ours.
Tuesday morning we awoke to blue skies and mid 60 temperatures as we made our way south to San Diego to pick up a load of Dole bananas.  Remember me telling you about the off port site, tucked away in a residential area?  We had the pleasure of going there this time to pick up our load. 

It really isn't too bad after you have been there a few times.  There is a homeless guy, who I guess I can't really say is homeless, because he now lives on the grounds of the facility, and likes to make a few bucks by helping the drivers back in.  He really is a big help with the cars and buses that zip up and down the street on a steady basis, getting them to stop long enough to allow the drivers to back into the dock.  We're always happy to give him a few dollars every time we are there. 
On our way out of southern California, and to our eventual stop for the night at Wheeler Ridge, we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset we have seen in a very long time.  It just kept getting better and better as the sun set.  I managed to capture a few shots with my camera, and these shots are straight out of the camera with no editing what so ever.  Yes, it really was that amazing and a great way to end my 1000th post!


Anonymous said...

Wow post card pics. 1000 post just thinking back to when I came across your blog I think it was when Craig was training on how to haul boats and when you going to be on the road with him for the first time.

all things bradbury said...

congrats on 1000 posts!!!...that's awesome!...that sunset is absolutely gorgeous!!..

Barbara said...

You're right - those are awesome postcard pix.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset indeed!!! Definitely an "awe" moment!!!! And CONGRATS!! on 1000th posting!!! Yahoo!!! Here's to lots more fun filled beautiful rides!

june in florida said...

Thank you for the posts and hopefully a 1000 more, so much fun to read them, thank you again.


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