Friday, March 18, 2011


I don't think I have ever gone this long with out a blog entry.  I feel really bad about that, but we have been very busy, not only repurposing furniture, but with dress form orders.  We just completed an order for three dress forms that will be in a boutique in the Austin, TX area, and just starting on an all pink dress form that will be a surprise for a 14 year old girl living in Studio City, CA.  On top of that, it seems that yard sale weather has hit in Walla Walla, and we were out and about very early this morning hunting down treasures.
You can see from the back of the van that we were successful at almost all of the addresses we checked out.  Half of the items were already taken out of the van by the time I took this picture, but you can still see the two wood and leather chairs, in excellent condition, that we snagged for $32 dollars each.  Those chairs will clean up really nice with some leather conditioner and some elbow grease.  There is a stamp from the manufacture on the back that I am going to research to find out more about them.
We also snagged a great coffee table for $10 and those oars which will make great wall accents.  By the time we were done, we had pretty much spent our budge for the week, which will force us to stay home this Sunday instead of going to the Church sale, and spend some time working in the garage trying to finish up some projects we have in the works.
I can at least show you what became of these two church pews we got last month.  After sitting in the garage awaiting their turn in the spray booth, they turned out quite nicely, and now proudly occupy a space in our retail store.  We have so much stuff, our spaces are almost over crowded and as soon as anything sells, like a door and a large picture that sold this morning right before we arrived, we quickly place new items in their place.  We are so thankful to have our storage area in the back of the store to keep our extra inventory.

We continue to prepare for the big Farm Chicks Show in June, and with the promise of two more dress form orders in the process of fine tuning the final details, and the garage full of furniture, we will not have to figure out what to do with our time.  I think you'll pretty much find us with paint under our fingernails and dust and dirt on our clothes, but we wouldn't want it any other way!

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Pat said...

I still check in from time to time. Your furniture is beautiful.


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