Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm always looking around the garage at all the odds and ends we have lying around and knew that we wanted to do an "EAT" sign, especially with us completing the kitchen island piece.  So when I found this wood plaque in our pile of wood scraps, I knew it would make the perfect foundation for a quick and easy project.
Cori had recommended using one of the vintage cookbooks and menu planners we had scored at a yard sale last weekend.  This publication was printed in 1949 and a lot of the menus they were suggesting certainly dated them.  I went about cutting out bits and pieces of the pamphlet and when I was satisfied that I had enough, I broke out the Mod Podge.
When I had sufficiently cover the wood place, I let it dry, while I spray painted the "E", "A", and "T" letters that we have also been lying around for month collecting dust in the garage.  After the plague was dry, I applied a black glazing which gave it more of an aged look, and then went around hot gluing on the letters which by this time had also dried.
I covered the back with burlap, and called it a finished project.  We'll display this on a small display easel on the kitchen island, along with some new platters with glass domes that we completed when we go to the retail space tomorrow.  We had a pretty busy day today, finishing up a few projects and finally starting on that piece I teased you about last week with the yard sticks.  We plan to have that ready to take to the store by Tuesday.
In other news, Craig and Roy received a phone call earlier this week with some pretty great news.  Seems they will be one of the first teams to take ownership of a brand new truck when they arrive in the company yard in Spokane.  They will be there tonight, but won't take possession until morning.  I can't wait to get some photographs from him, and to be able to see it in person next weekend when Craig comes back into Spokane for home time.

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