Monday, March 21, 2011


What do you get when you combine some long discarded candlesticks:
Some well used enamel plates:
and the glass dome off of a wood cheese plate?
You get the cutest shabby chic way to present your latest baked goods or fresh fruit.
We are on the lookout for more of the glass domes in every thrift store and yard sale that we can find, along with unique candle sticks and enamel plates.  We can't get enough of these cuties, and with the help of epoxy glue, they are a snap to put together.  We'll make sure to have as many of these that we can when we head to Spokane for the Farm Chicks Show in June.
Here is a sneak peek at our next project in the works.  I don't want to give too much away, but we snagged this vintage wood tool chest at the church sale a few weeks ago.  Craig attached some caster wheels to it when he was here last week.  We see it as a great coffee table with fabulous storage.  Just wait and see how this little diamond in the rough turns out.  I hope to have pictures of the completed project by Friday.  Until then, I better get back to work.  Just when we thought we were making head room in the garage, it seems to be filled to the rafters again, and it's not even the busy yard sale season yet!


all things bradbury said... craig was there for a visit, huh??? we know why you were too busy to blog! go girl!!...
i love the candlestick/plate/dome servers....i see alot of that idea in several of the country magazines...i'm sure you'll do really good with those at the show.

Barb said...

You never fail to amaze me with your talent! What a unique idea for candlesticks, plates and domes. I look forward to seeing the final outcome of the old chest.
Keep up the fantastic work!!


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