Sunday, April 01, 2012


When I'm in the truck with Craig, and I see the remains of a recent roadkill of Bambi, I always say aloud "Oh Dear" which actually means "Oh Deer, did you ever make a mistake running out onto the roadway".  I've always been happy to say, other than a glancing scrape to our pickup from a deer zigging instead of zagging, we've been very luck in our travels of avoiding hitting a deer............until last Thursday.

I was taking a short nap at a roadside rest area, during my 17 hour straight drive from California to Washington, as Craig was making his way into Spokane to make a delivery before taking some home time.  Then, while on Highway 14, a rather large deer made the tragic mistake of running out in front of his truck.  Never a good idea if you're a deer, and this would not have a happy ending either.  It took awhile before Craig could find a place to pull over and access the damage, and ever the McGwyver, with duct tape in hand, was able to put the bumper and headlight somewhat back in place.

A phone call to Road Service, and then in the morning the mandatory call into the Safety Department, the truck was sent off for repairs.  According to the person Craig talked to in Safety, they get about 3 deer hits a week this time of year.  Thankfully it was an easy fix for the truck, and no one was hurt, other than the deer.

Craig and I have been enjoying being at home where the snow pack has melted, and what snow we have had never stuck to the ground.  It has been windy and rainy though, but neither one of us minds that at all, we're just happy to be home together.


Anonymous said...

Just be thankful that it was't a Moose or an Elk

all things bradbury said...

of course it targets the new truck!, but just glad craig is ok and that you guys are home together!...enjoy your time!


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