Thursday, April 26, 2012


One of the allures of going back to team driving for a short time, was the information that teams were going to be running more loads going East.  We had heard of runs to Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.  As of yet, Craig and his team driver Justin, have been kept extremely busy running the normal route of the Interstate 5 corridor, until today.

Craig had been running solo the last 5 days while Justin took his home time, one of the wonky things when you have team drivers that live at opposite ends of the country, Craig in northern Washington and Justine in southern California.  So when they finally met up this morning in French Camp, when Justine hitched a ride with another TWT driver, they were give a load going east, just not at east as they would have hoped.

Tonight they are picking up a load of chicken from Foster Farms in Livingston, CA and making a delivery into the Denver area.  Craig and I both commented, when he told me the details of this run, that we were happy that the major winter weather was well behind us, and that snowy conditions shouldn't be an issue on this trip.  Of course, now that I've said it, you just know there will be a freak snow storm.

The load delivers Saturday morning, and from other teams we had talked to, the normal load coming back out is beer delivered to the LA area.  That should then set them up nicely for a run up to Washington, where Craig will take a week of vacation time for some R&R, but not until we complete a few home maintenance projects.

I can't wait to hear about this new run into Colorado, and with hopes of a few more new runs east in their future.

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