Sunday, June 26, 2011


I couldn't help but think of the name of the album that Stevie Wonder released in 1976 when I started on my latest project.  Since I have so much time on my hands relaxing at home enjoying the nice cool weather, as others are finally feeling that summer heat index start to rise, I thought I would scrounge around our shed for some more scrap pieces of wood to paint on.  When I found a couple of old ledge shelves that were no longer being used, I had an indea for what to do with them.
Almost immediately after picking them up and looking at them, I envisioned piano keys.  So off I went in search of a graphic online that I could print out and use to trace onto the shelves.  After tweaking the size of the graphic, I painted the shelves black and then went about transferring my image onto the wood.  Then it was time to paint using left over Martha Stewart "Glass of Milk" white.  When I finally finished them, I had to admit that they turned out pretty darn cute.  This can either be placed on a table, shelf, or any flat surface, to be used in a creative vignette, or attach a hanger on the back, or a couple of hooks on the top and hang it on a wall.

Not only did I complete the two piano key pieces, but I also completed a couple of distressed signs that will be sure to add just that right touch of color or interest to just about any kitchen.  I have really found a lot of joy in using stuff that would have just found it's way into the trash, and being able to give it a new life and purpose.  Now I think I'll put away my paints for a bit and enjoy the fantastic views of the sunset I have nightly right outside my window.

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all things bradbury said...

too bad you can't package those river sunsets...who wouldn't want to buy one! the piano keys & have great "visions"!


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