Sunday, June 12, 2011


While visiting with my Mom in California a couple of months ago, we made cake pops for the first time. It was a very labor intensive project, and about halfway through the process, you begin questioning yourself as to why you started it in the first place.  In our little kitchen at the house, it would prove difficult to have the counter space needed to take on such a project. 
Looking for a fun little treat to take into the Company yard the next time I go through Spokane on my way to Walla Walla, I stumbled across a quick and simple recipe for S'More Pops.  Three simple ingredients are all you need:  Marshmallows, Milk Chocolate Chips, and Graham Cracker Crumbs.  You'll also need to get sucker sticks, and if you like plastic treat bags to wrap them up in.
Simply insert one of the sucker sticks into the marshmallow on the flat side until almost completely through the marshmallow.  Dip it into a bowl of melted chocolate chips, tap off the excess, and then roll into graham cracker crumbs.  Allow to set, and then wrap into individual bags or a large airtight container.
Now no respectable cook would post about a food item without first tasting it themselves.  I was no exception to that rule, as you can see from the evidence left on the tray.  Just to make sure they were worthy of sharing with you all, I went beyond the call of duty and ate a second one!


Mom said...


Anonymous said...

OMG send some of those to Omies i want to try. Baby Gwen does too :)

all things bradbury said...

yummie!!...those look really good....dang, if i heat up the chips in my little burton oven, i could even make those on the truck!....well, allrighty, then!!

adozeneggs said...

I've been thinking about adding those to the dessert buffet for the HoeDown, glad to know they are good...and easy.
I think those cake balls are way more work than they are actually worth.


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