Sunday, June 05, 2011


Yes, I'm a vendor, and am I allowed to say "I'm pooped"?  What a whirlwind of four days of activities, starting with Thursday and packing up all our stuff and heading to Spokane, WA and ending Sunday afternoon with having to disassemble our booth and happily, only pack back up about half of what we brought.
As expected, Saturday was the big day, when the line of  people waiting to get into the fairgrounds starting forming almost two hours early.  Craig took a couple of photos of the front gate on one of his many trips out to the moving truck.  It didn't take long before the aisles were packed with like minded people with the love of all things vintage.
I have to tell you, the biggest surprise and one of the best memories of this event was when I was approached by a young couple who asked which one of us, Cori or I had the blog.  I assumed they were asking about Cori's blog, which has the same name as our business, and started to introduce them to Cori, when they said it was the truck driving blog.  I couldn't have been happier meeting this couple and getting the chance to see face to face the wonderful people that read my blog.  Although the husband had enjoyed the truck driving side of the blog, the wife was enjoying following my adventures in the junking world.   Honestly, it made my day!
There were so many enduring stories that come to mind when I think about this past weekend.  The one that continues to warm my heart and give me chills, was the woman who was looking at an old baseball mitt we had for sale with a baseball in the glove.  When she picked up the ball it had the name "Mo" written on it.  She said that was the nickname that her husband's Father always called him when he was a boy, and that it was most definitely an omen for her to purchase it for him for a Father's Day present.
Or the older couple, who have a 35 year old son, who as a boy, would sing the Davy Crockett song over and over.  When they saw the old vintage Davey Crockett suitcase we had for sell, did not hesitate to pick it up and buy it for their son to remind him always of that childhood memory.
It was exciting for us to have our first sale on Saturday morning, and it did not disappoint.  A lady was in our booth and noticed a small metal windmill.  She snatched it up quickly and said that was exactly what she was looking for, and that if she bought nothing else all day, she would be going home a very happy lady.
We had so many people taking pictures of both our dress forms and the hanging light that Craig put together for us.  It was nice to get the feedback on all those items, and the items we had worked hard to create, like the thermos lights, and the soap dispenser mason jars. 
By the end of the show, we were all physically tired, and Cori and I could not have been the success that we were without the endless help of our husbands, Craig and Mike.  They both took vacation time to help us with our first Farm Chicks vendor experience, knowing full well that they would have rather have spent their vacation time with a bit more relaxation than work.  I am eternally thankful for the love and support you both showed us this weekend.


The Little Red Shop said...

What perfect matches for your vintage goodies! I hope you have a beautiful and restful day!

: )

Julie M.

Anonymous said...

YAHOO and Boy Howdy!!!!! I'm so excited for you two. It looks like it was a great success. I'm so proud of both of you!!!!!! Craig and Mike... HUGE brownie points!!!, your wives will take care of the other thank you's. Love to you all!!!! Denise

Auntie Joy said...

It was my friend Karen that found your windmill! She was absolutely thrilled,so glad you brought such great treasures!

krys kirkpatrick said...

I am so happy for you. I did the show last year as a vendor and had a blast. I was too ,too, busy this year..but I will get there next year for sure. I know how you feel I cried half the way home, partly from lack of sleep, because I did it myself... but also from all the validation I got from the happy and wonderful people who attended.

Pat said...

congrats and rest up. Sounds like you did good.

all things bradbury said...

congrats on the great show!!...i am so happy that you guys had such a successful show and such a great time....i sure wish i could have been there, your booth looked fantastic and filled with great stuff!!....

adozeneggs said...

I'm so glad you had a good experience. Someday I will go to Farmchicks!!


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