Tuesday, June 14, 2011

20/20 VISION

I've had a fascination with vintage eye chart signs lately, and after seeing how much they were selling for, took the route of maybe a reproduction print, but even those were too steep for my pocket book.  So I got to thinking.......why not make my own?
So off to Home Depot I went after dropping Craig off at the Company yard last Wednesday morning, and since it was so early in the morning, I practically had the store to myself, and plenty of employees that were more than willing to help me.  I hit the lumber section  and picked out a sheet of plywood.  You want to know what is cool?  They will cut it up into as many pieces and sized as you want!  Talk about great customer service.  On my way out I passed by the paint department to pick up a quart of Martha Stewart "Glass of Milk" white.  It seemed the perfect color for my project.
For this particular sign, I painted the board black first, and the white.  When dry, I distressed it with some coarse sand paper.  Because I didn't have a stencil to go by for the first sign, I purchased a vinyl transfer and then made copies of each line with tracing paper so that I can duplicate it over and over again.  For my own sign, I am going to do a black background with white letters, so this one will be up for sale in our consignment store as soon as I can get it to Walla Walla.


Sarah said...

Looks great!!! I am new follower from http://hotmessmoma.blogspot.com

Can't wait to try the smore pops too.

all things bradbury said...



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