Thursday, June 06, 2013


Cori and I were both surprised that we walked away from our annual Farm Chicks weekend without breaking the bank.  All my purchases together were around $100 and Cori spent even less!  I'm sure her husband Mike was in shock over that.
One of my first purchases at Farm Chicks was this metal film reel canister.  Our spare room in the loft has a vintage camera theme going on, and this canister fit right in.  While I am at Cori's house next week for a Barn Sale we are participating in, I'm going to have her cut me some lettering to make a vintage Eastman Kodak sign for the room.
Next up is this little stone mannequin.  I couldn't pass it up at one of the consignment stores in downtown Spokane.  I think it fits in nicely with the wooden one up on my shelves above the french doors.

I've really gotten into the industrial look lately, and when I saw this old, rusty gym locker basket, I couldn't pass it up.  I think it looks great next to the marquee letter above the cabinet in the living room.  When we took out the small TV that was the counter, and opted for the big screen mounted on the wall, that space just screamed for something to fill it up.  I thought painting that area in chalkboard paint was just the ticket for a whimsy bit of fun.  Now whenever we have anyone over we can offer them a chance to add to the wall.

This little stool caught my eye towards the end of the day on Sunday.  It had a huge bouquet of flowers sitting on it that didn't give you a chance to really see the stool.  That was good news for me, because once I laid eyes on it, I had to get it.  It ties in nicely with the industrial cart that I found online that we use for an occasional table between our two chairs in the living room.

Once I got back from our Farm Chicks weekend, I painted our little dining room table from it's boring wood to a nice neutral cream with some distressing to fit right in with everything else in the room.  As I told Craig and Cori, I really can't see that I need anything else to complete this room.  I know, I know.....famous last words, but I'm standing by them, at least until next years show!


all things bradbury said...

well you may have not spent much money but you got some eclectic pieces that sure add and enhance your home!...i love the stool and the locker basket especially! and what a cute idea to do the chalkboard paint in that cabinet area!...i have been trying to find a spot to use that here!...good job!

all things bradbury said...

btw....really cool lamp in the corner in that last pic!


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