Tuesday, June 25, 2013


With the "Love of Junk" sale behind me, and too many snowbirds flocking back to our neighborhood for the summer, it was time for me to jump back onto the truck for a little while.  Craig and I enjoyed some home time together, and when Sunday morning rolled around, we were headed back to the yard to load up the truck.
Craig is trying out a new division within the company called the 25% team.  He was getting tired of dealing with the LA traffic and drive, and since Craig is getting closer to his projected retirement age, he wanted to stay more regional.  This team of drivers handles the loads that are all within about 300 miles from the Pasco, WA yard, mainly delivering to the Portland/Seattle area.  Instead of getting paid by the mile, you get 25% of the total load payment to the company.
Craig has been on it for a couple of weeks now, and he is loving it.  No more 11 hours of non stop driving, which was beginning to take a toll on him.  He is averaging about 8 hours or so a day, and is feeling so much more relaxed out on the road.  It also is much more conducive to taking home time and getting home when you want, since you are only a days drive away from either Pasco or Spokane.
We are toying with the idea of making Pasco our home base during the winter and moving our personal vehicle there.  He seems to go through Pasco at least 3 times a week, and with our vehicle there we can use it to get groceries and get away from the truck when we are waiting for a Tyson meat load.  We have already planned out a few road trips to take during some home times to go out exploring the nearby areas.

* These pictures were taken along the Columbia Gorge on Interstate 84


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more pics from the road

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful as usual Diane!!!! Also glad to hear of the change in Craig's driving schedule. :-)

all things bradbury said...

ahhh, the columbia river...i absolutely love that drive!!...i bet craig is estatic to have you back on the road with him...sounds like a much calmer travel routine, only one drawback that i can see and that is that you won't get down to dos amigos much....lol...


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