Tuesday, June 04, 2013


The first weekend of June.  After five years, that now symbolizes where I will be, and who I will be with........Farm Chicks Show with my BFF Cori for a fun filled girls weekend in Spokane, WA.  This year we made it a four day extravaganza, starting with checking into the fabulous Norther Quest Casino just outside of Spokane.  Staying there gave us the opportunity to indulge in a five start hotel and also have the fun and excitement of having a Las Vegas style casino just steps away from our room.
Thursday we spent our time catching up and taking in the casino.  Friday we hit up all the vintage stores that Spokane has to offer both in the downtown area and the older Monroe district.  We took time out for some wine, lunch, and a dessert at Madeleines Cafe and Patisserie in downtown, sitting in their outside dining courtyard.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed the people watching almost as much as the wine.
Saturday is always a mad house on the first day of Farm Chicks.  We have learned to stay far away from that kind of mayhem and enjoyed a nice relaxing morning in our hotel room.  By early afternoon we headed to the fair grounds to at least take in the first day excitement, but with hopes of a thinned out crows.  Boy were we surprised to see the parking lot completely filled, but managed to find a spot along side the perimeter of the lot.

Once inside, it was a buzz of activity from the annual creative display at the entrance to the mass of female estrogen shopping frenzy that was going on.  I even saw a few good hearted husbands carrying bags and treasures trying to keep up with their wives.  It was hard to see all that the vendors had displayed in their booths due to the crowds, but Cori and I got a good feel of what was there and made our plans for a full day of shopping on Sunday.
We headed back to the hotel for a nice dinner and evening of slot machine playing.  Early Sunday morning, we hit the local Starbucks and then made our way back to the fair grounds.  We were happy to see that the parking lot still had plenty of spots as we parked as close as we could and got to the gates as they were opening at 9am.
The first couple of hours were nice, as we had ample space to truly look into the booths and enjoy the displays.  We were a bit disappointed to see that some of the big name bloggers were not there this year as in past years.  We also discussed that as the years progress, and we participate in our own sales like the "Cottage on the Hill" sale in September, that we just weren't as awed by some of the displays as we have in past years. 

Sunday night afforded us one last night to enjoy the casino and night life and we took full advantage of it.  All too soon it was time to part ways and close the book on our 5th year at Farm Chicks knowing full well that we will be back again next year to enjoy our girls weekend in Spokane.


all things bradbury said...

looks absolutely fabulous to me!..where could you go wrong with good friends, wine, a casino, food and great shopping!!....now we need to see some pics of what you bought!!....lol......

june in florida said...

And did you win enough to pay for the weekend? I bet you got some great ideas for future projects.


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