Saturday, April 27, 2013


We recently had to replace all four tires on our pickup.  They still had plenty of tread, but their age were showing with some cracks on the side walls.  No one wants to shell out that kind of money, but you do what you have to do.

What I don't understand, is being a company driver, not having to pay out of your own pocket for tire repair, and just ignoring tires that need to be replaced.  All too often, and especially lately, Craig has had to take time out of his driving hours to have trailer tires replaced.

I get that it is a pain, but to blatantly drop a trailer that is in need of a tire replacement, and leave it to the next driver to take care of is unacceptable.  There should be some type of reprimand for that lazy, thoughtless driver, but I know that is a pipe dream to ever think that this situation will change.

I'm just happy that Craig is diligent about his pre/post trip inspections, replaces tires that need it, and can handle the occasional tire blow out, which he had just yesterday, and live to tell me about it.  God help some of these drivers that aren't as safety conscious.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm getting new tires to. Want the grip on the road.

Pat said...

There shouldn't be a reprimand, but a finders fee for repair work. The driver should be paid for the time it takes out of their workday. (Opinions from a non driver)


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