Saturday, April 13, 2013


I couldn't believe it.  I was on the phone with Craig this morning and was looking at some patches of blue skies outside.  As we neared the end of our conversation, I got up to look out the kitchen window and was shocked to see that it was SNOWING! No kidding, it was snowing and the landscape was quickly turning into a winter wonderland. 
If you didn't figure it out from my first paragraph, I'm staying off the truck for a few weeks to enjoy what I thought would be our fantastic springlike weather.  Thankfully, the snow didn't last long, and it was soon melted off when it turned into a more springlike rain.
Today is Craig's birthday.  With each passing year, we are counting down four more years until he retires from driving truck.  Until then, we are still mulling over a couple of other divisions at work that would keep him more local and home every week instead of every three weeks.
I've said this before, but he is my everything, and I couldn't be prouder to be his wife and partner as we continue our journey through life together.  Every day is filled with laughter because of him and I thank God that he brought Craig into my life  Happy Birthday Craig!  Love you to the moon and back again!


The Daily Rant said...

I love the dusting of snow. Happy Birthday to Craig! Enjoy your time home, and I hope you get to see him soon! S

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Craig.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Craig

june in florida said...

Happy birthday and many more.


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