Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I love bacon.  I love cooking other things with bacon, especially green beans, brussel sprouts, or bacon wrapped asparagus.  I love bacon and eggs, bacon on baked potatoes, and bacon in spinach salads.  So when Craig and I decided to grab some dinner at Denny's last night, I was more than happy to look at their special "BACONALIA" menu.
I didn't choose anything off the bacon menu, instead opting for a healthier option.  I never expected, when the waitress came by at the end of our meal and asked about dessert, as I was saying "no", Craig vetoed that with a "we'll try the bacon brownie sundae".  I think the look on my face was priceless, as Craig started laughing.  I mean I love bacon, and have heard previously of chocolate covered bacon and such, but bacon, ice cream, and a brownie?   Hey, I'm game.
When the sundae arrived at the table, like a real trooper, I grabbed my spoon and dug in.  The first bite took me awhile to find the bacon flavor lingering in the background.  On the second bite, I made sure to get a good dose of bacon and it was then that I was sold.  Mama Mia......what a combo!  I will be hard pressed not to order this again, or any of their other "bacon" desserts that they are offering.  I'm just happy we don't eat there often, and that this is a limited time menu item.

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