Thursday, August 23, 2012


Last Thursday, I drove into Spokane to pick up my Niece and Grand Niece who had flown in from California for a visit.  I got to spend 5 days with this little cutie and her Mom, just hanging out, going for walks, checking out the scenery, and just enjoying the one on one time together.  All too soon it was time to drive them back to the airport.  The only thing that kept me from being really sad, was the fact that Craig was waiting for me, just a few miles away at the Company yard, to pick him up for some long overdue home time.
Previously, I had mentioned about painting Craig's "Man Cave", but still wanting to do some finishing touches.  Well I decided to make those changes before he came home and did a quick window treatment with some old burlap coffee sacks.  I also went ahead and painted out the goldish yellow wall for the tan that was on the other three walls.  I couldn't stop there, as I replaced the dreaded mini blinds with some roller shades that help keep out the light much better for when Craig is playing his PlayStation3 games

In appreciation for his newly decorated cave, Craig assisted me making a project that I have had on the back burner for awhile.  After getting permission to haul away some old pallets that have been lying around the trash bin area for the past few years, Craig helped me by taking them all apart so that I could have some nice, rustic wood slats to work with.  This is what the headboards looked like before:
After some sanding, measuring, cutting, and then liquid nailing them onto a piece of plywood, this is what the new headboards look like:
Craig is really never sure of what I have in mind whenever I start on a design idea, but thankfully, he always loves the outcome.  I have a couple more smaller projects I will need his help on before he leaves again on Tuesday.  Hopefully, they will turn out as great as these headboards!

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