Sunday, March 04, 2012


Both Craig and I have been busy since parting ways last Tuesday night.  Craig met up with his new team driver, Justin, Wednesday and as soon as he was able to load his belongings into the truck, they were off to Wallula, WA to pick up a load of meat. Since then, they have been up and down Interstate 5 twice, while still waiting for that first cross country run east.
Wednesday, Cori and I spent the day catching up, and by Thursday, we were well on the way to completing a dress form, with three more left to finish.  Friday, we hit an estate sale and the Goodwill, before starting on dress form number 2.  This particular dress form would include a feature we have never done before, a bustle.  With the other personalized details the customer requested, it actually turned out to be one of our more vintage looking dress forms.
Saturday, the second dress form was completed and we were off to transform a dresser.  The dresser originally was an antique yellow with blue accents, and after sitting idle at the consignment store for a while, we decided to spruce it up with some subway art.  It seems to be all the rage lately and hopefully someone will fall in love with it as much as we did after we finished it.
Sunday was not a day of rest, but after church, the finishing touches were put on the dresser and we were prepping for our next projects for the coming week. What really finished off the weekend was the great tasting chili and cornbread and Cori's husband Mike cooked up for us.  It was fantastic and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to eat some more of this week, as we explore creating a funky little desk with a Route 66 theme to it, and a new sign or two.


Anonymous said...

great looking dresser

all things bradbury said...

love the dresser redo!....and the chili looks awesome!

Dani.Vancouver said...

Love the dresser! Fantastic new look.
Greetings from Vancouver! :)

The Daily Rant said...

How did you do that to the dresser? Stencils? It's soooo great!!


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