Friday, November 18, 2011


I know it's been awhile since I last posted.  I've been in Modesto, CA again this past week helping my Mom out as she goes through her second round of Chemo and 6 weeks of every day radiation.  She has three more rounds of Chemo to go, and we are hoping by mid February 2012, she will be completely done and able to start living a normal life again.  I'll be back again in December for round three.

Craig has been on a two week dedicated run between Salem, OR and Marysville/Emeryville, CA.  It's a PG&E account that keeps you moving non stop, and is actually a great little money maker miles wise.  We were sweating it a bit with whether or not he would be able to get back down to French Camp, CA to get me back on the truck before Thanksgiving, and it looks like either tomorrow night or Sunday morning will be when I meet up with him again.

I saw that they had some heavy snow going over the Siskiyou Moutain Pass this morning, and Craig, ever diligent during winter weather, made his escape over the pass before the storm hit at 3am this morning.  It looks like there will be a break in the storm system for him to make a hasty retreat back over tomorrow sometime.  You gotta love when it can work in your favor, and dread it when you are stuck putting chains on.  But, that is the life in trucking during the winter.

The next time I post, I hope to be able to tell you all about our Thanksgiving.  We are counting on hitting one of the many Casinos along the west coast to partake in a great hot meal.  Neither one of us wants to think of what the alternative will be, but it's already in our pantry in the truck if we have to resort to it.  Let's hope for the best, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to your Mom. Which is your favorite casino. My wife likes Tualip because of the outlet mall next door.

Linda said...

May your Mom continue to make great progress.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Be Safe.
Linda Seattle, WA

DIANE said...

We're hoping to hit the Casino in Corning, CA for our Thanksgiving meal. We enjoyed it very much in 2009 and can only hope to do the same this year!


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