Saturday, April 23, 2011


I think most of you know me by now.  Even with taking some time off from the business in Walla Walla, WA to visit my Mom in California, that I would find something to paint and distress.  I think it's in my blood, and even when I wasn't painting, we took a couple of days to do some thrift store and consignment shopping.  You have to know how hard it was for me to pass up some incredible deals at one of the local consignment stores.  There were quite a few items I could have picked up and easily doubled my money on.  But with train travel, and the high cost of shipping, they will have to be left behind for someone else to find and fall in love with.
My Mom had an old wood rocker that has been sitting out on her back patio for a number of years.  So many years, that the finish had all but been worn away by time and weather.  It barely took any effort with some sand paper to get it ready for some new paint.  Boy, did it soak up the paint, but I wasn't concerned with completely covering it, as I have learned, when distressing a piece, it doesn't need to be perfect to make it look old.  A little scratching here and there, a coat of glaze,and my Mom now has a new rocker in her family room.
The same was done with a little step that I had used previously when I lived in Modesto to help me get up onto my high rise bed.  My Mom took possession of it when we packed up and hit the road, and she absolutely loves it in her kitchen to help her get to the higher shelves.  But she was ready for a little change, so I painted it the same color as her walls, distressed and glazed, and Mom is happy with the results.
I have to say, the project I had the most fun doing, was using some throw away stuff that I took off my Aunt's hands last Sunday, some sample paint in my Mom's storage shed, tissue paper, twine, and some Dollar Tree flowers.  From the picture, you can see the wood piece, which is actually the top of a little tiny tabletop table, which we couldn't figure out what anyone would use it for.  I love those blue Ball canning jars too, don't you? 
I had the friendly neighbor drill two holes into the wood for me that I had marked for him, and then painted it.  When it was dry, I distressed it and glazed it and then went about using twine to wrap around the lip of the jar, and then tie it off on the back of the wood piece which stabilized the jar to the wood.  You could also use wire if you like, but I like the rustic look of the twine.  Then some white tissue paper was crushed inside the jar and three bunches of  white hanging tulips were inserted into the jar.  The end result was a success.
My days are coming to a end here in California, but no doubt upon my next visit I'll have some other ideas for some great little decorating items that I'm sure my Mom will love!

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