Thursday, December 05, 2013


We went back to work the day before Thanksgiving getting a dispatch to deliver juice to Wal Mart.  I love these runs, short and sweet, and by 7pm we were empty and headed into Prosser, WA for the night.  This is the first time since driving truck that we haven't been able to find someplace to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.  Craig tried to make things better by finding an app on his tablet with a roaring fire.  It did make our simple in truck dinner a little cosier.

Thanksgiving morning we walked to the Starbucks across the street and enjoyed a hot coffee and read about the storm that was heading our way.  We did a little local pickup on Friday and on Saturday was given a Tyson meat load with 5 deliveries over three days.  With our routing we knew we would be in Union Gap, WA on Sunday, and with an Outback Steakhouse next door to the truck stop, we could enjoy a Thanksgiving meal then.

While we were eating several of the other diners were getting phone calls on their cells regarding Snoqualmie Pass and the snow that was expected.  We went to sleep that night not knowing what we would encounter when we made our own trek over the pass at daybreak.  In the morning I checked on road conditions and found that the pass had been closed due to high winds and trees removal, so we went about our deliver in Union Gap and hoped for the best.

By the time we finished up and had to make our way to Everett, WA the pass was opened up with snow and slush on the roadway.  We expected it to be worse than it was, but by the time we got up the hill it was looking pretty good.  We can only hope the rest of the winter snow driving is as nice.

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Welcome back missed the pics


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