Friday, December 13, 2013



The weather.  Seems like that was all everyone was talking about last week, and no more so than on Facebook.  My California friends were lamenting about the cold, a mere 26 degrees, while at home in Usk, WA we had minus 9 degrees.  When we're in the truck and traveling we hit just about everything Mother Nature throws out there,  but we always manage to remain toasty warm inside our moving semi truck.

When we received a load of meat for the Portland, OR area, we were shocked as we traveled our favorite scenic route, Highway 84 along the Columbia Gorge.  Jack Frost had payed a visit and threw in a fair amount of snow.  Craig and I both commented that we had never seen this much snow in this area in all our previous winters of traveling through it.  It almost reminded us of our days of traveling through some areas of Canada.

I know I'm jinxing myself, but so far, this is the latest into the season that we haven't had a fair amount of snow fall.  I'm not complaining, I like the roads clear and bare, as it makes for much safer travels with all the four wheelers out on the roadways.  I'd much rather enjoy all the snow in the comforts of home, which we will be for a couple of days this week.


The Daily Rant said...

I LOVE these pictures. Those snow covered mountains are beautiful!! I have yet to see any snow, so this was a real treat. Tell Craig to drive safely!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

have to agree you do take nice pics.


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