Thursday, July 11, 2013


Every once in awhile, we get a load to a place we haven't been before, and last week that location was Libby, Montana.  It's a quick over and back from the company yard in Spokane to Libby with a small 30 foot trailer that gets dropped in the yard around 4am.  It's loaded with grocery items to be delivered to a little "mom and pop" grocery store.

The ride over is beautiful.  Up Highway 95 from Coeur d'Alene and then over on Highway 2 out of Bonners Ferry.  Following the Kootenai River, you pass by the scenic Kootenai Falls.  Upon arrival in Libby, you can't help but notice all the metal eagle sculptures all around town. It was fun as we were coming and going to try can capture as many as I could.
Another somewhat fun thing was, once we arrived at the store, there of course was no dock.  We had to pull up in the alley and off load by hand all the items onto a metal roller conveyor which was propped up on milk crates.  Between a store employee, and Craig and I, we had the trailer unloaded in about 40 minutes.  Sure was interesting seeing all the items the store had ordered, including a pallet full of ice cream!
Come to find out this particular store gets two deliveries a week, on Monday and Friday.  No doubt we will be returning to Libby, Montana again in our near future.


Anonymous said...

What nice looking country

june in florida said...

Very beautiful, not a fun ride in the winter though.

all things bradbury said...

what a beautiful place!...i love all the eagles!!....hope you get to go back there soon!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics! Took me back to being 18 yrs old in Great Falls. Really beautiful country up there and they don't call it Big Sky for nothing!!!!! Amazing!!!!!
hugs to you both, Denise

Anonymous said...

How about an update it's been close to a month


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