Thursday, February 14, 2013


Early Saturday morning, after an all night drive into Spokane from Puyalllup, we made a delivery to  a Fred Meyer Store in town.  After a quick 2 hour nap, we were off on some home time, in which we would enjoy a staycation.  First, we headed up to the house to check on the snow levels, we haven't been there since the first of November.  We were happy to see that we didn't need to pull down any snow off the roof, and that there was only about 18 inches of snow on the ground.

We decided to stay the night, and in the morning we hit the local, and only, grill in our tiny town of Usk, and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast.  With stomachs full, we headed back into Spokane, and checked ourselves into the Northern Quest Casino and Hotel in Airway Heights.  We fully intended to have a nice four day staycation.
As you can see, this is a really nice place, with a spa like bathroom with full body spray shower heads lining the walls.  It felt as if we were transported to a vacation like setting without driving more than 10 miles from the Company yard.  It didn't take long for us to find ourselves on the casino floor and enjoying a little gambling and people watching.

We made sure to take advantage of all the special offers, played Bingo one evening, enjoyed $1 taco night, and registered for all the free money they wanted to give away.  You know what?  Sometimes your name actually gets called, as did Craig's, while we were playing Bingo, and off he went to claim his $500.00.  Nothing says FUN like winning that kinda of money!
By the time Thursday morning rolled around, we felt as if we had been away from the truck for at least a month, that is how rested and relaxed we felt.  We had a blast and enjoyed the first, somewhat vacation, in a very long time. 

With a phone call into the office at 8am, it didn't take long before we were sent to rescue a load from one of our trucks that had blown a couple of tires.  A few hours later, the load was delivered and we were sent to Tyson,  in Wallula, WA to drop our empty trailer.  We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see where we'll be headed next.

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june in florida said...

Hope the $500 covered the staycation,but a fantastic rest anyhow.


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