Wednesday, January 02, 2013


On Friday, December 28th, we had picked up a load of lumber in Mill City, OR, and headed south.  The load didn't deliver until today, and we were safely at the company yard in French camp Saturday night.  With Craig still not feeling too well, we happily rested at the yard on Sunday and then on Monday morning called into dispatch to see if we would in fact deliver.

It took most of the day Monday, but by 3pm, they finally decided to take us off the lumber load, and bob tail us to Fresh Express in Salinas for a load picking up on New Years day.  As with most new year eves we have spent while out on the truck, we knew we wouldn't be out celebrating like most of America.
Instead, we went all out and purchased a quart of eggnog, and by golly we threw caution to the wind, and drank the whole thing!  Then nestled in our beds all comfy and enjoying some computer time, we drifted off to sleep before 9pm.  Yep, we are the party animals, aren't we?

We did get up on New Years day and walk a few miles, first to the Denny's down the street for a nice hot breakfast, and then over to Fresh Express to check on our load.  We had hoped that it would be loaded early, but we weren't able to hook up to it until 3pm, which left us driving late into the night.

We are scheduled for a week off starting on Friday, but as with most times you ask for time off, it is a crap shoot if you get in on the day you want.  However, since we have some non-refundable reservations made, we have stressed to them just how important it is that we get back into French Camp.  We'll see how this all works out later today.  I know I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


june in florida said...

My New Years Eve was spent with the very same brand of eggnog, however since i wasn't leaving the house i did add rum.Hope Craig feels better.

Anonymous said...

I made it to 9:30


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