Monday, July 09, 2012


Craig had another run into Colorado last week with no up close and personal encounters with any fires, thank you very much.  They are presently sitting in Jerome, ID resetting their driving hours and waiting to make a delivery of beer tomorrow morning.  As warm as it has been up here in Usk, I would like to put in a request for a nice cold one myself.
Thank goodness for air conditioning.  Although not as hot as the summers when we lived in Central California, July and August get pretty warm here.  It helps that as soon as the sun sets that the temperatures drop into the low 50's.  It also helps that there is an indoor pool not more than 20 yards or so from our door.  This summer, I'm learning all about keeping your flowers and vegetables well watered during these uber warm days.
On the decorating front, yes I am ashamed to admit that this is a picture of my craft area.  This room is destined for a makeover.  We plan to make it a guest room and I have a few ideas floating in my brain, which could be a good thing or bad, depending on how they turn out.  First course of action will be to paint, as the white walls are just too uninspiring.
There are about 5 pallets that have been sitting by the dumpster for a few years that I will  hopefully be carting home when Craig is here to help me.  Those along with some vintage cameras will be the starting off point for the redo in this room.  I'm anxious to get started and see where the journey takes me.
I'll do a post soon on Craig's "Man Cave", (the open loft area upstairs).  He commandeered that area recently with a very large screen TV and I have been putting the finishing touches on the walls over the past couple of months.  Here is a sneak peak of two of the pieces that have been put on the wall.

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