Monday, October 24, 2011


Our home time, as usual, went by way too fast.  It is my most favorite time of year, when all of the summer folks head back home and the year round  folks start having get togethers.  I would be hard pressed to say which season is more beautiful up here, Fall or Winter, and it was with a heavy heart that we packed up and headed back to the truck yard Friday afternoon.
Very early Saturday morning we headed to Wallula, WA to pick up a load of boxed meat.  This particular load had three deliveries, two in Los Angeles and one in Phoenix, AZ.  We were loving the miles attached to it, but as we waited for our trailer to get loaded, we watched as the clock ticked and with every minute, went the chance that we would be able to deliver it on time.
Three hours after it was suppose to be ready, we finally got the go ahead to hook onto it, and after fueling and scaling, we had to send the message that if we were to keep this load, it would deliver late.  We got as far as La Pine, OR for the night, and first thing in the morning we were beeped with the message to swap loads with another driver in Redding, CA.
Now normally this would not be an issue, but I was slated to be dropped off in Modesto to visit my Mom and take her to a couple of doctor appointments.  Unfortunately, the new load we were assigned, headed us back north instead of south.  I really hated making that phone call to my Mom, but I had no other option.  Our new load is from Fresh Express and will deliver in Auburn, WA Tuesday morning.
All along our drive today we saw the billboards for the Mega Millions and PowerBall Lottery, so when we stopped in Chehalis, WA for the night, we made sure to get us a couple of quick picks for each never know, trying to figure a way for me to get south may not be a problem after Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Nice Pics Good luck in the draw can't win if you don't play

Anonymous said...

The picture from your front porch is just wonderful!!!! I'm sure you hated leaving home. Wow, so beautiful up there!!!!! Denise


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