Saturday, September 17, 2011


We're making our way West, after finding our way out of Chicago, with one wrong turn, but a quick recovery on Craig's part to get us back on the right toll road.  Thankfully, if we are ever sent there again, we'll be much more familiar with the way in and more importantly, the way out of Chicago.
I have been enjoying the Fall like weather ever since we arrived in Chicago, with temperatures mostly in the mid 50's with some rain thrown in for good measure.  Making our way through Iowa and Nebraska you can't help but notice the corn fields and the family owned farms dotted along the Interstate.  I found myself fantasizing about life on a farm, living in one of the many cute farm houses, chickens, a few cows, and living off the land, and then reality sets in and I go back to playing my games on the computer.
After two full days of driving, and making it to Rock Springs, WY we are finally going to enjoy two shorter days, thanks to Craig's driving hours, making our way through Utah and Nevada.  I'll have to tackle our laundry pile, and figured the best incentive will be while in Reno.  What's better than a little casino action to make laundry a bit more pleasurable?

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